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Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Tell your prospect that he must "qualify" to join your

You could say this:

"Mr. Prospect. I don't want you to join my
business if it's not for you. So, before you
make a decision, do this. Come to next week's
opportunity meeting and bring two guests. After
the meeting, see how your guests react. See how
you feel about our business. And then, make a

Here is what happens.

1.Your prospect feels relaxed. He doesn't have to make
a decision right away.

2.Your prospect will find it easy to bring two guests.
There is no pressure on the guests. They are just
coming to look.

3.Your prospect doesn't feel that he is trying to make
money off his guests. He doesn't pressure them or
himself during the invitation.

4.Now you have three prospects at the opportunity
meeting instead of one prospect.

5.If your opportunity meeting is good, your prospect is
off to a great start. He'll have two potential
distributors ready to go - and more importantly, your
prospect knows that he can invite guests and build a
business. He just did it!

I have actually done this with my own network marketing business, and it works great! The prospect doesn't feel pressured or sold! Network marketing isn't for everyone. Some like it and some don't....and that is why I like this approach. Tom Schreiter gave me this tip that I just shared with you.

Have a great day!

Ingrid Camacho

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