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Thursday, March 26, 2009


The brain is like a radio station for broadcasting and recieving thoughts that we place there. No matter what thought I put in my mind, good or bad, my brain will
pick it up and send it out to the universe. I wish I had known this years earlier when I was always inputing negative thoughts into my mind and into the minds of others around me.I would plant thoughts of poverty into my mind and what did I
recieve... poverty of course.

Today, I am very carefull about what I place in my mind. I actually think about what it is that I want and place it carefully into my mind, and then I speak it out loud to the universe.

The other day, I picked up Think and Grow Rich to start reading this chapter, and as I was picking up the book, I glanced at the cover and thought " I am rich because I help people without having an agenda." I thought that was just the coolest thing I could have put into my mind at that time.

Everyday, I am always looking for nothing but good in this world. If I hear anyone speaking a negative thought, I turn and walk the other way.

your friend,

Ingrid Camacho