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Monday, September 13, 2010

Marketing Principle #1 Is Critical

Business models drive the behavior in the field. You cannot change the model. You can only work with it.

Some companies have a business model of very high-priced products which could never be sold to the public on product merit alone. The only way they can be sold is as a money-making opportunity. THAT business model creates an atmosphere of "recruit, recruit, recruit." And you're setting yourself up for massive failure.

Think about this. Marketing Principle #1 anywhere in the world is that a business sells products or services for a profit. If your business can't do that, and you only earn profits by recruiting people - who recruit people who recruit people who recruit people - THAT is not normal! THAT is absolutely not sound marketing. THAT will end up getting the attention of the feds.

Companies that only recruit instead of retailing products or services usually have a very good reason. Which is, their products or services are way over-priced, so no one could ever actually sell them. Don't put yourself at that competitive disadvantage.

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