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Friday, April 10, 2009


Do you know how to build a big group of people in your network marketing business? You must have a Duplicatable Proven System in place so that everyone you sponsor into your business can duplicate the same things you do. You build the leaders from within your team, and then will duplicate what you do. It's a team effort, and nobody can do it by themselves.
Here are some things that you can choose to do on a consistant basis...or you can choose not to.... the choice is totally up to you. Here are some suggestions that may help you. 1. committ to learning a new skill 2 read a new book 3. listen to a CD or audio tape that will help YOU to become that person that people will want to follow. 4. Learning how to advertise and brand yourself both on and off the internet will be helpful also.
Please remember this process is going to take time.You must develop yourself first, and then develop leaders within your team. It doesn’t happen overnight. Having your team doing these things on a consistant basis will produce the results over time......yes I said over time.....not overnight!
It is also like the slight edge by Jeff Olson. The little things done everyday will produce the end results you are looking for. You MUST have that Duplicatable System in place for everything else to work together. If you need help, my team and I will be happy to help you find a Proven Duplicatable System that is easy to follow.

I believe in you,

Ingrid Camacho