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Friday, May 29, 2009


Here are some headlines that you might want to use as an attention getter.

Here’s another gem from Tom “Big Al” Schrieter

Your simple sentences can also be a "headline" for your ad. I plan on using one of these sentences in my signature file also.

One good headline could make your business explode. But,you will have to create that special headline for your business.

Here are some headlines to help you start your creative process:

* How To Make Your Boss Cry In Three Easy Steps.

* Don't Make This $10,000 Mistake Tomorrow Morning.

* How To Make Every Day A Saturday.

* I Wish I'd Thought Of That!

* Does Your Boss Laugh Every Time You Ask For A Raise?

* My Parents Kicked Me Out Of The House - I Was Making
Too Much Money.

* If You Don't Think Your Future Is Worth $300, Then
I Don't Either.

* Stop Allowing Your Job To Steal Your Life.

* When Is Your Next Pay Raise? How About Tomorrow?

* The Three Words That Your Boss Fears.

Notice how these headlines create "curiosity" instantly?

Curiosity is powerful. Curiosity makes prospects lean forward, begging for a presentation. Marketing and advertising doesn't seem to be that hard after all.

Sunday, May 24, 2009


Eric was a brillant math teacher who could remember facts and figures really well, and he possesed the ability to work any kind of Algberaic equation that was thrown at him. This guy was totally into the colledge life and studied anything he could get his hands on, but math was his favorite subject.

Eric was using the smart part of his brain known as the conscious part, which is the size of a small orange.

Eric also has a stupid part of his brain called the sub-conscious and is as dumb as a box of rocks and the size of the entire world. This part of Eric's brain makes all the decisions in about three seconds flat.

The sub-conscious mind does not know right from wrong or left from right, truth from lie and in order to own your life all you need to do is program your mind with these 7 positive emotions that Hill talks about in his book Think and Grow Rich.

#1. Desire.
#2. Faith.
#3. Love.
#4. Sex.
#5. Enthusiasm.
#6. Romance.
#7. Hope.

So what are you waiting for?? Get busy programing your life for succeess! You can do it! I am!

Oh...I almost forgot to let you in on the secret...is to only focus on these positive emotions and when a negative emotion shows up, immediatly replace it with one of these 7 positive emotions.

Ingrid Camacho

Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Extracts from Chapter 3 of Michael Dlouhy's free eBook for MLM Success - "Success In 10 Steps" - for your FREE copy go to go to the right side of the page and click on the green button.

**Opportunity Wears A Fake Nose & Mustache

I read a great book back about 1980. Don’t remember the title, but it was about luck. Why are people lucky? How does luck happen? Can a cause be pinpointed? What makes lucky people different from unlucky people?

**Rabbit’s Foot, Anyone?

The author talked to a lot of people, those who considered themselves lucky and those who didn’t. He’d find out what had happened in their lives, and he chronicled their incidents of luck.

And then he looked at differences & similarities of the people he’d interviewed, and he came to a conclusion.

His conclusion was a revelation to me. Luck is NOT random.

It’s the result of what he called the spider web effect.

People who build webs tend to be lucky. People who don’t build webs tend not to be lucky.

In other words … the more contacts you make in life … the more relationships you build … the fewer bridges you burn … the greater the universe of people who have strong positive feeling for you … the more people you reach out to help … the more likely you are to be lucky.

This was fascinating. The biggest conclusion for me was YOU are in control of your own luck!

**Give Your Prospects a Puppy

But people haven’t changed even the least little bit.

They still want love. They want passion in their personal lives and their professional lives. They want self-satisfaction & health, security & achievement, freedom & trust, fun & financial independence.

People have wanted these same things for a thousand years, and they’ll still want them a thousand years from now.

The mistakes I see people make in this business astonish me … the wrong directions they take and the worthless busywork they do.

If you want happiness and fortune & fulfillment in your life, if you want a lifetime of luck, you need to create relationships with people. To do that, you need to study people and understand them. If you will only do that, the opportunities you’ll be presented with are endless.

And yet I see so many who want those things … but they study the mold
scraped from under the rock by the monk in the white lab coat at midnight on the 7th night after the full moon.

Hey! You definitely need a remarkable product in this business.

But your product is NOT the magic.

The magic is YOU. Every Monday at 3pm est Michael Dlouhy will be explaining each of the chapters and what it means on our Mentoring for Free call. I would like to invite you to join us. Please download the book success in 10 steps and then I will email or call you with the phone# for this live call. So if you are still struggling in mlm or network marketing and want some free help please download the book on the right hand side of the page.

Your friend in marketing

Ingrid Camacho

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Friday, May 15, 2009


I recently had a call from a man who was complaining about the fact that he could not sponsor anyone into his business. I called him back and we talked for a while. I noticed that all he did was whine and moan about how bad his life really was, and his voice was quiet and shallow. As the call progressed, my energy level seemed to be getting lower and lower, and I finally had to hang up and call it a day. No wonder this person wasn't attracting anyone to his business or himself for that matter because if I would have been a prospect....I would have hung up on him right away after hearing the tone in his voice.

The next day I called a young lady and she said that her sales were booming! I asked her how she had done it, and she could hardly contain the excitement in her voice as she proceeded to tell me her marketing strategy. This gal kept on talking and talking expaining all her new ideas in detail to me. We talked for almost a whole hour. When I finally got off the phone.....I was so energized, I quickly got on the phone and dialed some new clients that I had been meaning to visit with for

Now ask yourself this question.....Which one are you?? Pesismist or Optimist?? Do people want to talk to you or do they run every time they see you heading down toward them?

Your friend,


Monday, May 4, 2009


What do your past and Jimmy Hoffa have in common?? Any guesses?? If you answered they are both dead, then you got it right! Congradulations!

Well the same thing can be said about YOUR past as well....IT IS DEAD!!

So many people that I have talked to keep bringing up the same old stories over and over again and again. The more we dwell on the past and our past failures, the worse we will feel.

I am here to tell you that today is a new day and all we have is the HERE AND NOW!! There is no guarantee of any tommorrows and yesterday is already a cancelled check!

If you are still reliving your past business failures and truly want some help to succeed then I will be happy to point you in the right direction.

Please take this day and make the most of it by calling someone you haven't heard from in a while just to say hi, or tell your family members how much you love them!

Have a great day and week,

Your friend,

Ingrid Camacho