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Wednesday, March 4, 2009


When I first started out in network marketing I was always trying to sell anyone and everyone whom I came in contact with, and I had little or no results using this method.

One day I was visiting with one of my friends here at Mentoring for Free and she told me to quit trying to sell everyone and that network marketing wasn't about products....network marketing is about people and building relationships. I have stopped trying to sell products and turned my focus on making new friends and building lifetime relationships.

Now I have a new friends from all over the United States, Canada, and even Europe. I have formed relationships with people that I didn't know one year ago, and today I can pick up the phone and help them with personal problems or listen to their stories about life. It is so nice to have new friends to laugh with over the phone.

A wise man once told me "build people and people will build the business." I have come to realize that this quote is sooo true. If you build long lasting relationships, then you don't have to worry about high turn over in your business.

Remember....people join people...not companies!

Your friend,

Ingrid Camacho