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Tuesday, June 16, 2009


You need solid Pentacle Leadership for success. Find a Mentor. You must have a mentor to be a mentor. You want a mastermind group of like-minded people who want YOU to succeed. You want up-line support available when you need it.
Pentacle Leadership means Michael mentoring Tuula, Tuula mentoring Ingrid, Ingrid mentoring James, James mentoring Mark and the people Mark will mentor is endless.

This type of leadership creates your mastermind group.
Want to make a Million Dollars?
Mastermind with Millionaires!

If You want to make $35,000 a year, then mastermind with
people who make $35,000 a year.

Consider this VERY carefully: For most people, their yearly income is the average of their 5 closests friends.
Do YOUR 5 closest friends have what you want? If not, why would you EVER listen to their decisions on business?

Say You want to invest in real estate. Would You ask the
person who rents a home? Or the person with 15 homes, 24
townhouses, 3 farms, one in Oklahoma, one in Texas, and one in Iowa, and 25
commercial properties?

To build a business, why on earth would You listen to people
who've never done it? You've got to evaluate WHO You take
ADVICE from.

Want SUCCESS?? Then You'd better get Your ACTION PLAN
from SUCCESSFUL people. It is just that simple!
If you are interested in learning more on How to develop Pentacle Leadership, Grab your copy of Success in 10 Steps at my website http://ingridcamacho.com/ and begin to apply the knowledge you will read to develop your mastermind group, or I will be more than happy to get you plugged into my mastermind group, and help you put together your action plan.

Get the success you deserve,

Ingrid Camacho