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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The Most Amazing Stupid Tricks

The most amazing stupid tricks network marketing companies do is letting some legal department enforce their policies and procedures.

Give this some thought. If a network marketing company has a legal team that writes the policies and procedures and oversees the legalities of the company, the network marketing company has generally spent about a quarter of a million dollars retaining this legal department.

So now the legal department has to justify their existence, since they just added a quarter of a million dollars overhead to the company. So the legal department writes Policies and Procedures so convoluted, so confusing - it's just legalese.

And you have to read chapter 7, and remember 7.C. Then down in 19.D, they talked about it again, and you have to pull those 2 together. They talked a little bit about it up here. Now they add the rest of it down here.

But if you don't connect the two, you don't know what they're talking about.

Lawyers LOVE Writing All This BS!

Example: in some companies, the P & Ps say you are responsible to monitor your downline organization's activities. If THEY do something illegal, then YOU are responsible for that.

A friend of mine got terminated because one of his downline members recruited somebody who was in another deal sideline, which was cross recruiting. But they held the sponsor responsible, and they terminated him, so they could steal his check. Real simple. Real simple.

And your person signing the bonus checks needs to have built a downline themselves. MLM CEOs who have never built a downline do not have a clue about MLM distributors.

Network Marketing Companies Would Be NOTHING Without Distributors!

CEOs who have built a downline know that. They know that companies are nothing without the distributors.

Sure, they need a product. Yeah they have to ship a product. Yes, they have to send a bonus check. But who built the company? Who built the volume?

Answer: The distributor. And if the CEO realizes that, then they treat the distributors like gold. They don't have some legal department trying to terminate their distributors.

Stupid Trick #2

And the other stupid thing that network marketing companies do is, they don't listen to the field. The reps are in the trenches everyday. Companies need to know what their reps see, what they do, what they hear, what they say.

We tell people all the time, "Read your Policies & Procedures." I got a call the other day from the COO of a company. Actually, his secretary called me to ask some questions about why I am telling people to read their Policies & Procedures. because they have a bunch of people doing it and it ticks them off!

This company, based out of Texas, has the most ruthless Policies & Procedures you've ever seen. They are unbelievable.

Want To Sell¬ The Business YOU Built? Fuhgeddaboudit!

For example - if you wanted to sell your downline, sell your business, you have a 10-page document that you have to fill out. And before you offer the business to anybody, you have to offer to the company first.

And when you mail your request for them to buy it, you have to include a $100 nonrefundable fee. And then they can say yes or no!

Next step is, when the company says "No", they will then send you 3 upline people that you can sell your business to. You have to offer it to each of them one at a time. And the P & Ps stipulate that to buy YOUR business, they must resign their own business.

So usually, they say "No". And after all 3 have turned you down, one at a time, then you have to offer your business to somebody in your downline. And they make it so clear - they say "if you circumvent any part of this procedure, you are terminated."

so I told the secretary to have the COO call me and we could visit about the situation. And the secretary said that he does not talk to people directly!

And I said well, "Well, he talked to YOU!" So she told me he doesn't return phone calls, doesn't talk to any reps directly.

I was stunned. I sat in my chair thinking, "Wow! This is unbelievable!" Now this guy wants to talk to me to find out why I am telling people to read their policies and procedures. Now that was amazing.

P.S. - Have you read YOUR P & Ps lately?

To Your Success and Freedom!

Ingrid Camacho

"Be A Mentor With A Servant's Heart!"

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

7 Steps To Achieving Your Goals - very effective

Most people set goals - which they never achieve.

Why? What is the difference between people who set goals and reach them, and the people who set goals and never come close?

I see a few differences:

1. You've got to have a really big dream, one that totally captures your imagination, that truly inspires you.

2. Choose a model, someone who has done what you want to do. Study every aspect of that person, their skills, their resources, and what they have achieved, so you understand what it takes.

3. Write down every detail of that dream, no matter how trivial it may seem. The more detail you can picture in your mind, the closer you get to your dream becoming reality.

4. Spend time each day picturing your exact dream. After you have built your dream picture, it doesn't take but 3-5 minutes a day to focus completely on it. That action will drive you to your dream's achievement.

5. Focus every action in your day on making some part of your dream a reality.

6. Wherever fear or doubt enter the picture, step right into them. Do whatever it is you fear, over and over, so it no longer looms as a stop on your dream.

7. Never ever ever quit.

We have personally found these steps to be very effective.


We believe in you!

Ingrid and Steven Camacho

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Network Marketing Online - A Few Tips

First of all, you've got to have a direct splash page for your #1, #2 and #3 selling MLM products. And please don't put a business opportunity attached to the splash page. You will literally drive people away from you.

People love to buy a product, but they don't want to be sold. They absolutely don't want to be sold. Make sure you have company-approved testimonial pages, so network marketing distributors don't have to make their own.

The Big Problem

The network marketing company doesn't offer these single product pages to distributors, so now the distributors on their own go out and create this stuff.

They see in the Policies & Procedures that reps are 100% responsible for what they do in building their business. OK. Great.

So the company doesn't STOP you from putting ads out there that this product cures cancer, grows your arm back, grows your hair back and all that stuff. They let reps make these wild claims. Why? Because the product sales are pouring in.

Some guy reads that ad and says, "My gosh! I'm bald. I want to grow my hair back, I better buy the product." Or somebody is dying of cancer, and you advertise your "cure." They say, "I better go get some." So they do.
And then what's amazing is, someone writes the testimonial that it grew their finger back. Then the next guy writes, "Well, it grew my hand back." You have to top that, so the next one says, "It grew my entire arm back - and my leg."
So they do a one-up on each other. The sales are pouring in. Meanwhile, the distributor's neck is on the line, because the company can chop it off it anytime - like as soon as the Federal Government says "Whoa! Hey, you guys are making product claims!"
Now, the company has to show the government that they have been going back and terminating distributors who make these unbelievable claims. Meanwhile, product sales in the company are skyrocketing.

The Company Is Making Tons of Money
So much money. They have to go build another bigger building, so they can be bigger than the next one on the block.

They have to have that. And then the 3rd thing these companies do is, they charge people for their back office. It does not cost them $39 a month for that website. It doesn't cost them FIVE bucks! But they charge the distributors $39 for their whole back office to look at your business center and your genealogy and to organize and so forth.

Companies like that are making $100,000 minimum a month off the distributor's backs. It's another profit center, just charging reps for the stuff.

But the company needs to create the pages, so the distributor won't do it. The company knows better than to put wild claims in there. If they do it, then THEIR neck is on the line. That way, the company is liable, rather than the individual rep.

The only reason to spend your time and your blood, sweat, and tears to build this business is to have it sustain you over your lifetime. Anything that puts you at risk should be eliminated from your gameplan. So be sure YOU aren't the one making wild claims.


To Your Success,

Ingrid Camacho 702-898-8771