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Monday, October 24, 2011

Imagination-The Workshop of the Mind.

The only thing, situation, event or person stopping me from being me is ME!

Yes, it’s been said before and it can sound like a broken record but it’s true.

Loddy’s lesson last week hit me between eyes.
David Haines’ lesson hit me between the eyes.
Maria Brystom’s and Darlene Moore’s lessons from this week inspired me.
A Leadership course I’ve been doing by Tom ‘Big Al’ Schreiter hit me too.
Some comments made on recent calls have hit me.

Why have I been hit? Well a bit like David Haines referred to last week. If people so like my lessons and tell me I inspire them why can’t I build a strong team, why don’t I have more people participating on the mental cleanse?
Loddy talked about “faking it until now”. David talked about Tianne’s comments to him last week that maybe the other mentors who have great teams and success in their lives is due to the fact that “they want it more”.

How badly do I want it? How prepared am I to be uncomfortable now in order to reach for my stars? Am I prepared to get out of my comfort zone?
Am I being too hard on myself?

I went back to look at “what do I really want?” Who do I really want to be and am I prepared to become?”
“What does the ideal image of me look like?”
I reflected on it quite a lot. Sometimes it was clouded in negativity and self doubt. But when it was bright and free flowing in positivity, free from chatter, it was a whole lot easier to see.

The person I desire to become isn’t so much different than the person I am now, just more confident but yet humble, so humble that on every call I make I approach it with ‘what I can learn from this person’.

The person I desire to become has a life only in the positive emotions, difficult things happen, but I am able to always redirect my thoughts and actions to those of a confident, happy person.

The person I desire to be is healthy all the time, and in top shape physically and mentally, as we can only perform at 100% when we feel 100%.

The person I desire to become is truly a leader, my thoughts are thoughts of a leader, my words are thoughts of a leader and my friends are leaders.

The person I desire to become is a perpetual student of leaders and of the average situation. From the average situation beyond average opportunities can abound if I put my ego aside and am open to listening for them.
"Your big opportunity may be right where you are now."Napoleon Hill.
When I am listening I allow my Creative Imagination to tune in to other subconscious minds and draw out their desires.

The person I desire to become works from home, contributes to videos, blogs, forums, books, groups and speaking events from time to time.

The person I desire to become has a comfortable mind and lives in ease.

The person I desire to become has a loving relationship with her partner, that grows all the time, as it does with her dear family and precious friends near and far. The person I desire becoming loves her “everyday” moment and raises a family living in this happiness, sheer joy, vitality, peace of mind and freedom.

The person I desire to become has a variety of books published in different languages so that this information is available for people in all walks of life in all corners of the world. I will use contributions from member s of my team and mastermind group. It will be a team effort, just as life and network marketing are.

The person I desire to become isn’t afraid, doesn’t waste precious time and appreciates life dearly.

The person I desire to become attracts people who have a similar desire for LIFE, for “love, individual worth, equality and freedom” to borrow from the core values of my company.

The person I desire to become can tell intuitively when another person has the necessary desire to be, and knows when and how much time to invest in them. Charlie Holles luckily gave me a chance to “find” my in-built desires, and I want to be able to do the same for the people who find me when they download the ebook, or find me “out there”.

The person I desire to become has a natural skill at happily building the largest, most profitable, highest retention organisation ever build in the history of network marketing easily and consistently through education and teamwork.

In all the lessons I read and listen to one strong piece of evidence keeps coming back to me---
The only way to CONTINUE to bridge the gap between the things that hold me back and the person I desire to become is to continuously hunt out the lazy part of me, nurture the beautiful and loving part of me, care for the action and discipline side of me, and have fun with the carefree side of me.
The only limits to me are ME.

I give myself these challenges through my thoughts as I know that it is part of the journey of the student becoming a light and freedom warrior.

“To grow, to discover, we need involvement, which is something I experience every day — sometimes good, sometimes frustrating. No matter what, you must let your inner light guide you out of the darkness.” Bruce Lee.

Dr. Gunsaulus’s story lent me something new this time- It wasn’t until he DECIDED to take action that things started happening for him.
“The time had come for action.””Things began to happen in a hurry. I called the newspapers and ANNOUNCED I would preach a sermon the following morning.....”

It reminds me of something happening in my life right now.
I offered to help out my team as they will be away on a cruise in a couple of weeks, not really thinking about the repercussions, it was just a tiny voice inside me one night said “tomorrow send an email offering your help”.
Then I got an answer from my team leader that I could present some calls. ME?!?! I thought, at first. Am I really ready to share with others? Do I know enough? What will I talk about? Then as creative imagination works perfectly in a mastermind environment some other members contacted me saying they would be with me! Suddenly things are not so scary when we are reminded of the support and friendship we have around us ALL THE TIME!

I’m sure the rest will unfold just perfectly in perfect timing also.

Faith and self belief are the only things I can count on and also the only things holding me back.
So at this point the choice is entirely MINE!

With love and deep gratitude to you all.
Roisin O’Connor.

P.S. This was written by my good friend and fellow mentor Roisin O'Conner.

Roisin has been an inspiration to me when I feel like quitting, and I just read her brilliant writings and I get back up again and find more success!

Ingrid Camacho