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Sunday, February 21, 2010

How To Handle Some Tough Prospect Questions

Several people have asked questions recently....and the question is, 'how to handle some tough prospect questions.'

Most important, you need to understand that we, personally, do not get asked these kind of questions, because we do not target these kinds of people for our business. we don't talk to people who don't believe in network marketing.

It's crucial to your success that you target market. Target the people who already believe in network marketing. Offer them the Success In 10 Steps ebook. And when someone raises their hand for more information, they will NEVER ask you questions like these.

OK. The reality is, not everyone is going to do that. And they will get some tough questions like

THIS is how success works. You cannot slam people into your MLM business and have any hope of long-term success. Period.

The best way to target market is to use the pro version of the Mentoring For Free system that we have devised. Many individuals are using this system to successfully build their own network marketing business.

Question #1: "How much money did you make in your business?"

So we do coach people on how to answer questions like this. And your response to this question should always be, "I don't have a clue. I haven't finished collecting it all yet."

See, you never know how much of an ongoing ripple effect you'll get from what you did yesterday and the day before. How can you know how much money you're going to make when you sponsor somebody into your business?

Today, you're making $5 a week. Next month, You're making $50 a week. And the following month, you're making $500 a week - all from the business-building efforts of that one person you signed up today.

MLM is a business that will pay you a lot next year, and 5 years from now, and 20 years from now - for work you did today. The person asking you this question does not understand the amazing phenomena of getting paid every week for work you did 10 years ago.

Question #2: You've just started in network marketing and the person asks, "If this company you're promoting is so great, then why aren't you making any money from it?"

Again, this question comes from a person who does not understand or believe in network marketing. And so here you are, in the impossible position of trying to convince this person.

Building any business takes some time to build a network of customers buying your products. Someone says, "Well, a couple years ago, this guy online sold $1 million of a product the first day he offered it."

And that's true. But what you lose sight of is that his "opening day" was in the planning stages for many months, as he lined up dozens and dozens of internet marketers - each of whom had a list of thousands of subscribers - to promote his product.

f you trace that "$1 Million Day" to its origin, it goes back many years, to when all these component lists were being built.

s it possible to make a profit immediately, from your first day? Sure. But you get the greatest network marketing rewards by training others to move your products - a result which will show up big in future paychecks.

Question #3: "Someone likes my company, but would rather join under a Heavy Hitter who knows what they're doing. How should I respond?"

The problem with joining under a Heavy Hitter is, most of them don't have time to talk to you. They don't have time to help you build your business. Many of them - you'd be astonished to learn just how many - were actually GIVEN most of their organization by the company, to "prove" how big a person can build. And many Heavy Hitters are hard-core salespersons. They do stuff you & I could never do in our wildest dreams (and still sleep at night!).

Heavy Hitters are not into hand-holding. When you sign up with them, they expect you to get to work and build. If you don't, no problem, there are a hundred others waiting in line behind you to join with a Heavy Hitter.

If you need any kind of coaching, mentoring, or training, most Heavy Hitters will never do that. They consider you "dead wood." You're in their way, and you need to be swept aside, in favor of someone who already knows what to do.

As we coach people to be successful, we focus on how you need to build a relationship with people. You can't ask them to join your business before you have a real relationship with them. It will not work. And if you're getting Question #3, then you are talking to people with whom you have NOT built a relationship.

If you're not building a relationship with them, you got no chance. A friend would never choose some "Heavy Hitter" over you. If you're having that problem, you need to learn the "Colors" technology and focus on making a friend first. That strategy works long-term, it's easily taught, and it's something anyone can do.

When you target the market and then talk to people who raise their hand, you will not get these kinds of questions.

Question #4: "I don't have much money to drive around town looking for prospects. How can I conentrate my efforts to expose people to my MLM Business?"

The problem here is, your upline has got you driving around, trying to pounce on people and slam them into your business.

Network marketing is a relationship business. You should be target-marketing online. It doesn't cost any gasoline money to do that. You need to:

1. Target your ideal market.

2. Get the right people to raise their hand.

3. Build a relationship with them.

4. And when the timing is right for them to be in business, they will call you.

We hope this helps you understand how to handle some tough prospect questions.

If YOU have a question, just click here and I'll be happy to answer it!

Ingrid and Steven Camacho

Friday, February 12, 2010


Every time we have ever seen a company or downline explode and go away, it does so because of the same 2 reasons: GREED and EGO.

True leaders are the Mentors with the servant's heart. It's never about the money. No Money Focus = No Greed. Build people and people will build the business.

People are people. They are not a number. They have goals, dreams & desires. Network marketing is not a sales business. Network marketing is a teaching & mentoring business. So the track record & attitude of leadership is critical.

When you've joined a business and someone calls you, telling you to make a list of your friends & family, I can promise you that they do not have a system. "Friends & family" is what has been puked downline for the last 50 years, and that is the reason for such high failure rates in MLM.

It's Really All About Target Marketing

You've got to find people who will raise their hand, looking for you and/or your product, your service, your opportunity.

Too often, somebody calls you up, pitching you. They don't even know who you are. They don't care who you are. They don't care anything about you.

I've heard certain network marketing leaders say, "It's a relationship business." And many of these people have never built a relationship with anybody. Nobody on their team would want to go on a one-month cruise with them.

Some "Leaders" Don't Even Want To Be Around Their People At Convention!

Why? It's all about the greed & the ego. The fancy watch, fancy jewelry, fancy suit, exotic cars, being the superstar, all that stuff.

Do they ever help the person who's been squashed by life? Do they ever pay for the next guy going through the toll gate? Do they ever just freely give their time to mentor others, expecting nothing in return? Do they ever use their income to buy good tools for those in their group who are obviously trying to build?

No, they don't.

Instead, it's always about greed & ego, me, me, me. It's never about the other person.

You truly have to care about people. And then you won't have the greed and the ego. And THAT is the kind of person who can build huge in network marketing, because you will attract people just like you!

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Your friend in marketing,

Ingrid Camacho

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Does your company have a 1 year business plan or a 100 year business plan?

Everybody knows that you have to be "ALL IN" with your business, your marriage, your family, and in the case of the Minnesota Vikings your football team. There is no success the other way.... We all would agree that you can’t be "Half in the ball game either". I have been watching the NFL Playoffs this season ,and I noticed that the Indianapolis Colts are "All IN". I was very impressed by their aggressive style of play during this years playoffs. I was very dissapointed by the Minnesota Vikings because their players weren't "ALL IN"( they kept dropping balls like hot potatoes). The only person on that team who was "ALL IN"( Brett Favre the quarterback). It just doesn’t work that way does it? If you want success, you have to be ALL IN. Not half way in. The same goes for your network marketing business.

I have just one question for you?

Does your company have a 1 year business plan or a 100 year business plan?

Listen to this recording and find out the secret to the 100 year business plan.


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Let's be "ALL IN"
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