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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Mastering The #1 Most Important Network Marketing Skill

Why do some people succeed in network marketing, while others never do?

If I've heard this question once, I've heard it a thousand times.

And the answer that keeps coming up over and over again is, successful people made the effort to understand what really makes people tick - what motivates them - why they make the choices they make.

That is what first led me into the personality studies.

400 years before Jesus Christ, the Greek physician and philosopher Hippocrates wrote about the four basic personality types.

In 1921, Dr. Carl Jung wrote the most detailed book ever on this subject. He called the 4 personality types Feeler, Sensor, Thinker, and Intuitive.

Florence Littauer later named them Phlegmatic, Sanguine, Melancholy, and Choleric.

Years later, Jerry Clark made it easy - he tagged the personality types by color: Red, Blue, Green, Yellow

Many experts have written books and recorded audiotapes on the subject, including

Michael O'Connor
Kathryn Briggs
Dr. Tony Alessandra
Jim Cathcart
Tim Lahaye
Dr. Bernice McCarthy
Jerry Clark

My personal thanks to all who have contributed to the personality-type knowledge base. Their research & conclusions are the basis for our mentor training

Color To Success

I know of no other subject that when used correctly can have such a positive impact on your life and your business.

This stuff works. Best of all, it works fast.

People fall asleep when you say "phlegmatic, sanguine, melancholy and choleric". But they understand Red, Blue, Green & Yellow. And you can easily learn to color your way to the top

A Concept That Changed My Life

I can't even begin to tell you how different my life is since learning how to spot and work with each of these Color personalities.¬ "Color To Success" is the most popular, most life-changing training we do.

Maybe the biggest change is this: to spot these personalities, you must LISTEN to people! And wonderful things seem to happen when you actually listen.

Everyone is a blend of all these Colors. Personally, I'm 40% Blue, 30% Green, 20% Red, & 10% Yellow. But I've learned to be a chameleon to deal with people.

The Key To Success With 70% of Your Prospects

Used to be when I came across a Green (and they are 35% of the population!), I saw someone who took forever to make a decision. They'd analyze it to death

They drove me crazy. So I'd blow them off. I wouldn't even return their phone calls

But look at this - I was losing 35% of my prospects! And when a Green joins, they never quit. They're not like the Blues. You can put a Blue in the business tonight, but they'll never do anything. They'll never even activate their business. They'll just join, because they thought it would be fun.

But the Blues will put you in contact with a lot of good people.

So the biggest secret for me was learning that network marketing is not a sales business. It's a teaching & mentoring business. No wonder the Yellows & the Greens are so good at MLM. AND combined, they make up 70% of the population!

I've discovered that it's critical to let the Yellows & the Greens know that their network marketing struggles are not their fault. The cards have been stacked against them. The Reds have been telling everybody the whole time that it's a sales business. Sell, sell, sell

But MLM success has NOTHING to do with selling. It has EVERYTHING to do with teaching, training, coaching, and mentoring people

You Can Use This Training To Automatically Bond With Anyone!

This technology will connect you with the deepest desires and needs and fears of the people you set out to bond with. It won't be long before you actually know these people better than they know themselves.

The sad fact is that most people are too self-absorbed to ever actually use this training. It is worth an absolute FORTUNE to those who do.

When you listen to people and truly understand their personality, you have the ability to help inspire them to greatness. The rewards for you are way more than just financial

On the other hand, if all that matters to you is YOU, you really don't have a prayer in network marketing

For us and for many others, learning the personality color secrets has been a life-changer

This information is a very valuable resource to have when working with people, and it can be used anywhere, not just in network marketing.

I have been able to help a lot of people just by knowing what personality type I am visiting with.

Please click here to get your personality colors CD

Your friend,

Ingrid Camacho

Monday, September 14, 2009

How To Evaluate An Opportunity

Your Ex-Spouse Was An Optimist
OK. Listen. I’m NOT talking to you here. But
just be still and listen in anyway.

See, I’m talking to the guy who downloaded this e-book right after you. HIS exspouse
told him he probably was being a little unrealistic (not her exact words,
but that’s the gist) pinning his future financial hopes on a company that
promised him:

·He wouldn’t have to work - it would all be done for him.

·He wouldn’t have to actually deal with and recruit any yucky people – his group
would be built automatically through "spillover."

·He wouldn’t have to sell – his people who spilled over would do that.

·He could get rich just by clicking his mouse.

And other than that, all he’d have to do is deposit the checks!

In fact, our boy’s ex-spouse actually went so far as to imply that if a
person is lazy, greedy & gullible, they probably don’t have a bright future
in business.

She was right, of course. But that’s only half the story.

In some cases, it’s actually sincere people who make those offers, because
they’re so afraid nobody will join them if they know there’s actual WORK involved.

When you train people to do nothing but wait for you to do it for them,
you wind up with people who do EXACTLY what you've trained them to do...

OK. Enough of that. It doesn’t apply to YOU, anyway. Let’s get on to the evaluation.
This formula has 5 parts. Each is important.

Here they are, in order of “easiest to evaluate.”

It Just SEEMS Like Brain Surgery

People ask me all the time,
"Michael! What is the BEST compensation plan?
Here's my answer.

The best comp plan has 2 key features:

1. It works "with" the numbers (I'll get to these in a minute)
2. Average people (part-timers) can build & prosper. (The vast majority in your
group will be average people).

Most network marketers are doomed from the get-go because the compensation
plan they are working does not work with the numbers.

Don't listen to me. Just listen to the numbers.

I used to race dirt bikes. When 59 motorcycles come off a 27-foot high jump,
not one single bike EVER "magically" floats up.

Fifty-nine out of 59 come crashing back to mother earth.
You cannot SEE gravity.
Makes no difference if you like gravity or not. Or if you understand it.

But if you jump motorcycles, you sure better learn to work with it.

In 26 years in network marketing, I’ve learned that you have to become a numbers-
cruncher or die. You may not LIKE the numbers, you may not understand

Doesn’t matter.

The numbers are reality. Either work with them, or sayonara.
So … what are the key network marketing numbers?

1. If you ask virtually any successful network marketer about their success,
they'll tell you most of their income comes from 2 to 3 people in
their group.

I'm not making up that number. I have learned to work with it.

2. MLM industry statistics tell you that "average" distributors sponsor
2.7 people into any home based business in their career.

I'm not making up that number. I have learned to work with it.
Do you see a connection between these two sets of numbers?

Yellows make up 35% of the population. They don't like aggressive people.
Blues make up 15% of the population. They don't like being sold.
Greens make up 35% of the population. They don't like pushy people.
Reds make up 15% of the population. One-third of Reds don't like being sold, either.

3. So 90% of the population, 9 people out of 10, 900 people out of 1000
don't like pushy, aggressive people, or being sold.

I'm not making up that number. I have learned to work with it.

When I call prospects I have 9 out of 10 people 900 people out of 1000 leaning
forward wanting to find out, how I can help them reach their dreams.

This is because I lead with benefits, benefits, benefits,

I NEVER, never sell or close them.

People ask me all the time, "Michael, why do my people just SIT there? Why
don't they DO something?”

Well, brand this MLM truism on your brain:

If you sell or close your people to join your opportunity, you will have to
re-sell them every month to get them to do any work!

Logic & experience will tell you THAT statement is true.

So back to the compensation plan question. Just work with the numbers and
you'll never go wrong.

If the "magic" number that most people sponsor is 3, then any plan wider then 3
will not work for the masses.

Note to the Red “Super Recruiters:” I know, I know. You can sponsor 3 people
a day. Maybe 3 a minute.

The bad news is, you only make up about 3% of the population. Your best bet is
a plan that pays you fast-start money on everyone you personally sponsor and
that also pays leadership bonuses to infinity for unlimited income.

This is a excerpt from Chapter 9 in Success in 10 Steps by Michael Dlouhy

click here to read the rest of the story

Your friend,

Ingrid Camacho

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Pay Dirt! Get And Keep your people

People figure they have a great company, great products, excellent marketing
plan, good skills, proven track record, and on and on … so success in this business
should be like rolling off a log.

And then they get crushed UNDER the log!
Some facets of this business are so obvious, you may take them for granted …
and never actually DO them.

For instance.

We talked earlier about a huge, all-encompassing, powerful “WHY” that will keep
you going in your business, no matter what you come up against.

But you need ANOTHER huge, all-encompassing, powerful “WHY”.
THIS “WHY” is the reason your prospects should choose YOU over all
their other 650 home business options. Your job is to make an impression
on them that they will NEVER forget!

I don’t know your business. I don’t know what advantage YOU offer that puts
you head and shoulders above your competition.
I only know that if you can’t offer that kind of advantage,


You got NO chance.

So to help give you some ideas, I’ll tell you the advantage we offer our
prospects that elevates us above all the competition:

“I’ll provide a lead generation system that brings ONLY the most qualified
people into your group. Then I’ll train them FREE, 5 nights a week,
to build relationships and become Top Sponsors who will build YOU a
lifetime residual income!”
… or the short version:
“I will personally help you get, mentor, and keep your people – for
FREE, 5 nights a week!”

You are certainly welcome to become part of our group and use OUR advantage.
But in any event, you MUST be able to put YOUR focused advantage into a few
words to create a lasting impression and elevate you above all your competition.

“So What?”

There’s a very well-known Direct Marketing guy (See? I DO know some of
them!) who once told me that after he writes an ad, he reads every sentence to
himself and asks,

“So What?”

If he doesn’t have a good answer, that sentence is GONE!

“So What?” is a good benchmark for YOU to use as you build your business. Everything
you plan to do … every sentence you write … ask yourself, “So what?”

In other words …

Am I on-target?

Have I gotten hypnotized by a side-issue and gone off in some time-wasting direction?

Is this piece critical to the final picture?

Does this make sense? Can other people follow it?

“So what?” will help you execute.

You’ll learn to be surgical in focusing on what’s important.
You’ll get rid of much of the clutter in your life.
It will help you define your competitive advantage.

I strongly recommend it.

This is excerpt from Michael Dlouhys boook Success in 10 Steps.

Click here to read the rest of Success in 10 Steps

Your friend,

Ingrid Camacho 702-898-8771

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Network Marketing: Figures Don't Lie, But Liars Do Figure

Advertising copywriters and salespeople are trained to give specific numbers. in order to increase credibility. And that's great, if those numbers have any basis in reality. In network marketing, they often don't.

For example:

Companies say, "We keep 93% of Our people!"

They lie.

Truth: There was an MLM phone company a few years back that had to publicize their retention rate, because they were publicly traded. They're out of business now, so we'll go ahead and mention their name - Excel.

Take a guess. Out of every 100 people Excel signed up, how many were still in the business a year later?

50%? HAH!

25%? As they say in the Hertz commercial, "Not exactly!"

10%? You're getting warm -

Excel's public record showed 6% to 7% retention. That's not 67% - it's 6 to 7% retention!

So you build your network marketing business for a year:

* You buy advertising.

* You do 3-way calls.
* You go to meetings.
* You talk to all your friends & relatives.
* And you wind up recruiting 100 people!

Yippee You're almost rich.

Well, not exactly. Why? Because what you have left is 6 to 7 people out of 100 (!) still building the MLM.

Ooops - wait - that's not all you've got. You also have:

* Smashed dreams.
* Maxed-out credit cards.
* And probably a LARGE bunch of people who hide when they see you coming!

Whatever you do in network marketing must be duplicatable for the masses. Six to 7% retention is not smart business.

Results like this make it obvious why we coach people to first find a "5-Pillar" company, and then to build relationships with prospects.

Bad Business

It is bad business to recruit someone into an unstable company.

It is bad business to recruit someone before you have built a relationship with them.

When you recruit a person who is your friend into a "5 Pillar" company, the two of you have a commitment to each other and a strong chance for success.

When you try a business relationship without that personal, mutual commitment, or with an unstable company, your chances of failure skyrocket.

It is the truth.

For me personally, I have found building my network marketing business to be fun, and I am in business with people that will be my friends for a life time. I don't just sponsor anyone into my business, I make sure that I have a good connection with the person, and would want to be on a 30 day cruise with them.

Your friend,

Ingrid Camacho

Saturday, September 5, 2009


Remember when you first heard, "Sales is a numbers game." Somebody said that to you because you had called 25 people with absolutely no success. What they meant was, "Keep on swinging. Eventually you'll hit one." Unfortunately, they did not have your best interest in mind. They wanted to keep you around a few more weeks before you gave up and they had to train another unknowing suspect.

With this thinking, if you want to make one sale, you've got to make 100 calls. Two sales, 200 calls. The problem with that is if you want to make 10 sales, you've got to make 1000 calls. Who has time to make that many calls? Can you see how this approach can limit you?

I believe in working smarter, not harder. Instead of grunt work, which is what cold prospecting is, wouldn't you rather spend your time talking with qualified prospects that need you and want you to call them?

Why on earth would you willingly spend your time searching under rocks for those people, and then begging them for a few minutes on the phone?

Would you rather be able to follow up with a prospect who has already contacted you and get most of them to spend time with you on the phone?

If you are tired of playing the numbers game and are ready to travel a road less traveled, then the Color To Success Training CD will show you the path.

To discover how you won't have to deal with the numbers, just click here

To Your Success,

ingrid camacho

PS: Being rejected 99 out of 100 times can have an impact on any one. The question is how many times can you handle rejection? Most people will do anything to avoid it. If you are ready to deal with prospects who are waiting for you to assist them, then get this Color To Success CD Training. just click here

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Network Marketing "Spillover" - The Myth, The Facts

A caller recently told me he's joining an MLM company because they promised him spillover. I said, "They are lying to you!"

The guy called me back later and said, "I point-blank asked them if I'd get people put underneath me, and the guy said, ëWell, we can't guarantee that.'"
Spillover - Creating a Welfare Mentality

Good people don't want welfare. They want to build it themselves. They just want to learn the skills they need to build this business and create residual income, money that's coming in week after week, year after year, and they can will it to their children's children.

When you look at a lot of network marketing websites, you often see that word "spillover." The proposition, more or less, is, "get in now, today, and you'll get all this spillover."
In 30 years, I have never, ever, ever seen anybody get spillover, having somebody build it for them.

And if you look closely at the compensation plans of the companies that promote spillover, you'll find out that those who get spillover usually don't get paid on it. There are other hoops to jump through to get paid on that spillover, and these people rarely ever qualify.

So it's the person who actually does the work who gets the pay¶ what a novel idea!

Companies & reps use "spillover" as a tool to drag in people who think they can build a business without doing any work. In other words, no sponsoring, no recruiting. It targets that type of person

When You Say "Spillover", You Are Targeting Quitters!

When you see a network marketing company that promotes spillover on their website, they're looking for welfare-minded people. The problem for you is, you can't build with these people, unless YOU do all the work! That's what they expect. And when you don't build their business, they'll be off somewhere else, looking for a better welfare plan.

So really, when you or your company promote spillover, you are targeting people who will not be with you long-term. And in network marketing, that makes absolutely no sense. The failure rate will be 100%.

And Here's Why The Leads You Buy Tell You To Go Pound Sand!

The quickest way to build a huge list is to offer the moon and require nothing (no money, no work, no purchase) in return. You'll see companies promoting "we've signed up more people faster than anybody else in the history of network marketing." Problem is, there's nobody ordering any product. It's just a bunch of names on a list - but now they can call these people "network marketers."

Then they turn around and sell this huge database of worthless names (an "MLM geneology list") For $10,000 each to 10 different list brokers. BAM! That's $100,000 profit! And then the list brokers sell these "leads" to all the people in network marketing who want to build their business - including YOU!

So you pay $2-$3 a lead for these people, you call them up, and they tell you, "Hey! You’re nuts! I've never been in network marketing!" They don't even know what it is. They just opted in to some pie-in-the-sky list, hoping to get something for nothing.

Conclusion? Run like heck from any company focused on "spillover" - and ALWAYS generate your own leads.

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Your friend,

Ingrid Camacho