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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Are You Suffering From Excusitis?

This is my absolute favrite chapter in this philosophy,I remember back in 2008 when I started to read thsi book and thought how easy it be to implement all of these chapters into my life,I was in for a major wakeup call.
In 2009 I had started a business with another company I knew what I had to do but yet wasn't doing it,I also had a sales job that paid commision,you don't sell you don't eat,yet I wasn't doing what I needed to do,finally in a ac of desperation,i quit the job and business and decided to go into the trucking industry,IA gave up my apt,packed my bags and left.
After a week with the compsny a mixup in paperwork,I was disqualified from the school,then reality set in,i was homeless I had nowhere to go,I desperatly called my family who for some reason weren't very enthused about opening there doors to me.
In the end my mother and my stepdad,let me stay with them,so I flew back to Puerto Rico for a few months I was told I couldn't stay long so after 2 months my brother volunteered to let me stay with him.For some reason I had a bad feeling about being overthere,my brother constantly complained about having taken a hit on money because I was there,
His wife complained that it wasn't fair either,so they had me doing all the chores around the house,on top of that I was sleeping on the floor on an airmatress and starving because they had no food for me to eat.after 1 week my brother and his wifr kicked me out of the house because I had offened his wife,accordoing to her.
So it was back to PR to live with my mom and stepdad,I didn't know what to do,i just knew I wanted to have my own NM business,a few months down the line I came upon a gentleman named Ben who sent me a link to a free ebook from MFF,I read the book in 2 hours got back to him and even had a coaching call with Michael Dloughy himself.
I was ready to join but how I had no money no job nothing I used to spend my days on youtube listening to Dr Wayne Dyer and Napolean Hill developing myself praying that somehow I would find a way out of this finally after months of trying I managed to get some money and move to NYC I had no one to stay with so I went to a homeless shelter.
If I sat here and told you what an experience that was you'd never believe me,but I got a job and found an apt,(cockroach infested),but it was mine and more importantly after 14 months I was able to start my business.I've had a lot of growing pains this year with the business too taking my eyes off the ball a few times,but got right back up and kept going.
I'm very proud to say that not only did I start my business,but a few weeks ago was able to attend the convention cruise and meet all the wonderfull leaders like Michael and Linda,Sarah Thompson,I even stood guard duty with Big Al himself,I even remember when I saw Ken Klemm I went to shake his hand and he greeted me with a big hug,it was all overwhelming.
I went from homeless 2 years ago to a homeless shelter last year to running my own successfull business and going onthe convention cruise this year and I'm eager to see what next year brings me a leadership crusie as a 4 star diamond?oh yeah.
Persistence,concentration of effort,definitness of purpose are the major sourses of achievement,so guys reading this lessonplan pls,don't EVER give up,keep moving foward no matter what!!!!!!!!!!!

Charlie Robles

Wednesday, November 23, 2011


One of the things that stood out for me most, was to make Decisions Quickly and change them slowly. I think I figured out why (pertaining to myself), when I make a decision quickly, I am trusting my 6th sense, my “gut instinct”. The reason I need to change this decision Slowly is so I have the opportunity to look at it from every angle, to benefit from each angle and if needed I change it slowly. To me, this is after much thought, learning all the lessons I can from this decision until I change it! Plan, review, adjust. The adjust may be a big change from my original decision, however I rest assured that I have carefully taken all the steps needed to change/adjust that decision…part of the reason why I am changing/adjusting this decision is it no longer works with my goals. I have grown from the lessons learned therein, causing the need for the change. The decision/plan has to grow with me and adjust, when I adjust.

This reminds me of the verse in James, that says the testing of your faith produces steadfastness…it’s a process and adjusting, tweaking and tuning it helps me build into the person, I truly want to be!

Making a Decision is a Choice, and I am totally responsible for the outcome. I can make a mistake once, the second time I make that same mistake, it becomes a choice! To quote Mr. Hill from this chapter: “You have a brain and mind of your own. USE IT, and reach your Decisions! This is in reference to not be influenced by the opinions of others, which is so dangerous as it causes us NOT to Think For Ourselves. When this happens I will no longer succeed in ANY Undertaking, especially not being able to transmute MY OWN DESIRE into money! That is why Mentoring for Free is such a great place to be…it is where I Learn HOW to THINK, not WHAT TO THINK! This have been a Major component for Me!

Another scary reality from this chapter (directly quoted from this chapter) is: Ninety-eight out of every hundred people working for wages today, are in the positions they hold, because they lacked the DEFINITENESS OF DECISION to PLAN A DEFINITE POSITION, and the knowledge of how to choose an employer.

DEFINITENESS OF DECISION always requires courage, sometimes very great courage.

These instructions will be of no value to you UNLESS YOU DEFINITELY DECIDE to organize them into a plan of action. If it IS TO BE…then it is up to me to make Quick, Clear, Good Decisions! It will be of Great Benefit to me if I make these Decisions while in the Positive Emotions and Living in the Now!

Blessings and love to all!

Bev Bojarski

Monday, November 7, 2011

Quitters Never Win and Winners Never Quit

These last two weeks have been very frustrating for me. My husband and I have travelled from Canada to Mesa , Arizona where we own a small property in a seniors resort. Due to my husband's heart condition and our ages we no longer can afford the travel insurance to be able to spend the winter where the weather is better for my arthritis and where we don't have to shovel snow, so the sale of the property is imminent. Cleaning up our property after the dessert dust storms has been a task, that has been done and we are ready for the sale.

My mind has constantly been on what I need to do in MFF, at every turn there was an obstacle in my way. When we reached our destination the internet connection was down that took two days to get back in order, then the phone wouldn't work and it was one thing after another. I did keep my cool and kept telling myself things would settle down soon, it wasn't the end of the world just take it as it comes and work through it. I did it!

Travelling so many miles was a great opportunity to say my self talk. As we travelled I was planing what I had to do to reach my goal. My Desire to reach it is strong and in my heart I know I will never quit trying to reach my goals. I know for the month that we are here working on MFF is not the ideal situation, there are so many interruptions. It just will take a little longer to get back on stream. This is where Patience comes in, I must admit that when someone passes by to visit I wish they didn't and then I think that through and realize how blessed we are that we have made so many great friends over the years we have spent here in the winters.

When I read and listened to Chapter Seven this morning I found it overwhelming, it was just too deep for me today, I think I'm just too tired to retain everything that I read. I thought I need to write how I feel, I know that the folks at the 30 day Mental Cleanse will understand. When we return home things will get back to normal and I will be on stream again.

Now what I have to work on is getting up the courage to talk when I'm listening in on the calls. I'm working on that one very hard.

Thanks to all for this safe place to share my feelings!

Dorothy Pagan
Sanford , Manitoba

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Are you afraid of talking on the phone?

I read this chapter and wasn't really sure what to
write because there are so many things in it.
Where does one start?

So I decided to read some of the lessons submitted.
Usually I try to write something before I read the lessons
but I was kind of stuck . Ken Klemm's was
the first lesson and I did not have to go any further because
and the following paragraph was a big ahah moment for me.

Ken wrote:
“ALL great wealth is created via a Culture of SERVICE.
The major CHOICE You must make in Your life is HOW You
Will SERVE - it must be something You thoroughly enjoy

It made me think of where I was in January when I realized
I needed to make some changes in myself, by gaining
confidence, getting rid of the fear of speaking up
on the calls and start saying my self talk on a consistent basis.

When I really think about fear it really is a selfish thing.
We are frozen and jammed in insecurity. We are not really
thinking of the other person or people because we are
concentrating on how we feel not on how we are affecting
the other person and how we could be helping them.

As I understood this I was so disgusted with myself.
I hadn't looked on my fear as something that would take
away from someone else, but that is exactly what it does.
How can we give service to others when we are so involved
in ourselves.

That brings up another subject – ego.

Ego is all about self. Fear is all about self. How does it effect me-
not how can I serve others.

All I can say at this point is that I am so grateful to have finally
understood this now and be able to put it behind me and begin
to serve with a servants heart and not with a selfish heart.

So what does this all have to do with organized planning?
Well, I started the plan in January to make changes in me and
as I have recognized the problems, I have taken steps to conquer,
bury, replace and become a new improved me.

Maybe my plan was not as organized as it could have been but
I'm just happy I got here.

Tuula Rands