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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Are You Suffering From Excusitis?

This is my absolute favrite chapter in this philosophy,I remember back in 2008 when I started to read thsi book and thought how easy it be to implement all of these chapters into my life,I was in for a major wakeup call.
In 2009 I had started a business with another company I knew what I had to do but yet wasn't doing it,I also had a sales job that paid commision,you don't sell you don't eat,yet I wasn't doing what I needed to do,finally in a ac of desperation,i quit the job and business and decided to go into the trucking industry,IA gave up my apt,packed my bags and left.
After a week with the compsny a mixup in paperwork,I was disqualified from the school,then reality set in,i was homeless I had nowhere to go,I desperatly called my family who for some reason weren't very enthused about opening there doors to me.
In the end my mother and my stepdad,let me stay with them,so I flew back to Puerto Rico for a few months I was told I couldn't stay long so after 2 months my brother volunteered to let me stay with him.For some reason I had a bad feeling about being overthere,my brother constantly complained about having taken a hit on money because I was there,
His wife complained that it wasn't fair either,so they had me doing all the chores around the house,on top of that I was sleeping on the floor on an airmatress and starving because they had no food for me to eat.after 1 week my brother and his wifr kicked me out of the house because I had offened his wife,accordoing to her.
So it was back to PR to live with my mom and stepdad,I didn't know what to do,i just knew I wanted to have my own NM business,a few months down the line I came upon a gentleman named Ben who sent me a link to a free ebook from MFF,I read the book in 2 hours got back to him and even had a coaching call with Michael Dloughy himself.
I was ready to join but how I had no money no job nothing I used to spend my days on youtube listening to Dr Wayne Dyer and Napolean Hill developing myself praying that somehow I would find a way out of this finally after months of trying I managed to get some money and move to NYC I had no one to stay with so I went to a homeless shelter.
If I sat here and told you what an experience that was you'd never believe me,but I got a job and found an apt,(cockroach infested),but it was mine and more importantly after 14 months I was able to start my business.I've had a lot of growing pains this year with the business too taking my eyes off the ball a few times,but got right back up and kept going.
I'm very proud to say that not only did I start my business,but a few weeks ago was able to attend the convention cruise and meet all the wonderfull leaders like Michael and Linda,Sarah Thompson,I even stood guard duty with Big Al himself,I even remember when I saw Ken Klemm I went to shake his hand and he greeted me with a big hug,it was all overwhelming.
I went from homeless 2 years ago to a homeless shelter last year to running my own successfull business and going onthe convention cruise this year and I'm eager to see what next year brings me a leadership crusie as a 4 star diamond?oh yeah.
Persistence,concentration of effort,definitness of purpose are the major sourses of achievement,so guys reading this lessonplan pls,don't EVER give up,keep moving foward no matter what!!!!!!!!!!!

Charlie Robles

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