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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

What's holding you back?

Thoughts are things. As I was mentoring a lady over the phone, she kept repeating to herself just how stupid and dumb she was because she couldn't find the website I asked her to go to. I believe this was probably her self talk to.
I asked myself does she really thinks she is dumb and stupid? This lady found herself struggling in her network marketing company. She called me up complaining about how no one wanted to join her in network marketing business. I knew what the answer was and I started coaching her on self talk and programming her mind for positive results. She shared with me about when she was a child her parents always called her stupid and dumb. I helped her rewrite her self talk so it was positive. A few days later I called her up and asked how I could help her. She complained again about how stupid she was and how no one was returning her calls. I asked her if she was saying the positve self talk we had worked on together and she said "well no I don't have time for self talk".
This lady eventually quit her network marketing business because she didn't put the time and effort into changing her thoughts for success! She left me a voicemail compaining.
Folks, network marketing works great for me because I think I am successful and I expect people to join me in my network marketing business. I truly believe that what we think is what we get...thoughts are things, good or bad. We must carefully gaurd our thoughts every day because all it takes is for one negative thought to throw us off like a train being derailed from it's tracks.

Ingrid Camacho

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Keala Jacobs said...

Very well put. Watch your thoughts...