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Wednesday, November 23, 2011


One of the things that stood out for me most, was to make Decisions Quickly and change them slowly. I think I figured out why (pertaining to myself), when I make a decision quickly, I am trusting my 6th sense, my “gut instinct”. The reason I need to change this decision Slowly is so I have the opportunity to look at it from every angle, to benefit from each angle and if needed I change it slowly. To me, this is after much thought, learning all the lessons I can from this decision until I change it! Plan, review, adjust. The adjust may be a big change from my original decision, however I rest assured that I have carefully taken all the steps needed to change/adjust that decision…part of the reason why I am changing/adjusting this decision is it no longer works with my goals. I have grown from the lessons learned therein, causing the need for the change. The decision/plan has to grow with me and adjust, when I adjust.

This reminds me of the verse in James, that says the testing of your faith produces steadfastness…it’s a process and adjusting, tweaking and tuning it helps me build into the person, I truly want to be!

Making a Decision is a Choice, and I am totally responsible for the outcome. I can make a mistake once, the second time I make that same mistake, it becomes a choice! To quote Mr. Hill from this chapter: “You have a brain and mind of your own. USE IT, and reach your Decisions! This is in reference to not be influenced by the opinions of others, which is so dangerous as it causes us NOT to Think For Ourselves. When this happens I will no longer succeed in ANY Undertaking, especially not being able to transmute MY OWN DESIRE into money! That is why Mentoring for Free is such a great place to be…it is where I Learn HOW to THINK, not WHAT TO THINK! This have been a Major component for Me!

Another scary reality from this chapter (directly quoted from this chapter) is: Ninety-eight out of every hundred people working for wages today, are in the positions they hold, because they lacked the DEFINITENESS OF DECISION to PLAN A DEFINITE POSITION, and the knowledge of how to choose an employer.

DEFINITENESS OF DECISION always requires courage, sometimes very great courage.

These instructions will be of no value to you UNLESS YOU DEFINITELY DECIDE to organize them into a plan of action. If it IS TO BE…then it is up to me to make Quick, Clear, Good Decisions! It will be of Great Benefit to me if I make these Decisions while in the Positive Emotions and Living in the Now!

Blessings and love to all!

Bev Bojarski

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