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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Are you afraid of talking on the phone?

I read this chapter and wasn't really sure what to
write because there are so many things in it.
Where does one start?

So I decided to read some of the lessons submitted.
Usually I try to write something before I read the lessons
but I was kind of stuck . Ken Klemm's was
the first lesson and I did not have to go any further because
and the following paragraph was a big ahah moment for me.

Ken wrote:
“ALL great wealth is created via a Culture of SERVICE.
The major CHOICE You must make in Your life is HOW You
Will SERVE - it must be something You thoroughly enjoy

It made me think of where I was in January when I realized
I needed to make some changes in myself, by gaining
confidence, getting rid of the fear of speaking up
on the calls and start saying my self talk on a consistent basis.

When I really think about fear it really is a selfish thing.
We are frozen and jammed in insecurity. We are not really
thinking of the other person or people because we are
concentrating on how we feel not on how we are affecting
the other person and how we could be helping them.

As I understood this I was so disgusted with myself.
I hadn't looked on my fear as something that would take
away from someone else, but that is exactly what it does.
How can we give service to others when we are so involved
in ourselves.

That brings up another subject – ego.

Ego is all about self. Fear is all about self. How does it effect me-
not how can I serve others.

All I can say at this point is that I am so grateful to have finally
understood this now and be able to put it behind me and begin
to serve with a servants heart and not with a selfish heart.

So what does this all have to do with organized planning?
Well, I started the plan in January to make changes in me and
as I have recognized the problems, I have taken steps to conquer,
bury, replace and become a new improved me.

Maybe my plan was not as organized as it could have been but
I'm just happy I got here.

Tuula Rands

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