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Monday, October 3, 2011

Some Things I've Learned In Network Marketing

I'm 56 years old. A few years ago, on a cross-country flight, I realized that I am living my "WHY". That was an emotional event.

We don't do this because we have to. We do this because we love to do it. That's why we do a dozen or more training calls a week. It's our passion.

I come from a hard background. I love what Randy Gage says. He says, "My family life - we were the Addams Family on crack cocaine." I think mine was even worse.

My parents took me out of school in the 9th grade. I don't have formal education, but I have life lessons. I truly believe that if I can become successful, then anybody can.

My passion is to share that with others, to let them know they can do it, too. It starts with communicating. People don't listen to people. More than anything else, we teach them how to do that.

One absolute truth I've learned over the years -

- plays a very big part in the success we've had so far. And that is:
Leaders are readers.

That's why we put together a complete system to leverage this truth. We offer my "Success In 10 Steps" ebook at for free.

And here's the secret. There are no affiliate links. No affiliate program. We're not trying to get them in the deal, not selling any widgets. There are no catches. It's just giving others the benefit of what I've learned in 27 years.

And leaders are readers. When you give away a quality ebook, you attract leaders. And those are the people you want.

We used this system for years with another ebook. I have a list of people I've been following up with for years. And suddenly, here and there, they call to join my business. And some of them bring a LOT of people with them. It can change your life overnight.

It's about relationships. It's about caring. If you think internet marketing is a sales business, you're sadly mistaken. It is a relationship business.

You can create "know, like & trust" with your copy. Read it. You'll see it. To survive, you must create & build relationships.

You need to get the money out of the equation.

When the money's out of there and you're talking to somebody with no agenda, you can truly listen and be there for them.

When a boy & girl go on a date, there's an agenda. Most guys have one thing on their mind. How tense is that? Are they warm & open? No. They're apprehensive, because they both know what the agenda is. They know what the young man has on his mind.

How would it be if 2 people went on a date and they just wanted to get to know each other? No agenda. How much more enjoyable would that date be?

And how much more successful & happy would people be in business if the money wasn't the focus? if they had no agenda? The answer is, "A lot." I know, because we see it all the time.

To Your Success,

ingrid camacho

"Be A Mentor With A Servant's Heart!"

P.S. This was written by my mentor Michael Dlouhy

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WmRios said...

Well, if I read long enough..... I knew I would come to these great insights into what really makes online internet marketing succeed.
It's the "no agenda" angle :o)
Funny thing is that I have seen this play out so beautifully in many an acquaintance with perfect strangers. The discussions were purely non-judgmental and non-threatening. WE just focused on having a good time, laughing and learning that we didn't really know all that much anyway. So I enjoyed reading this Blog post. Thank you for asking me for my email address and so many other "catch me" angles that so many think is the end all of "attraction marketing".
"When the student is ready, the teacher will appear." --unknown