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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Stupid, Crazy, Dysfunctional Advice!

*Words of Wisdom by my Good Friend & Mentor Tom 'Big Al' Schreider*

"If you cut your legs off in that lawn mower, don't come running to me!"

"If you poke your eye out with that stick, don't come looking for me!"

That's the kind of worthless advice many network marketing distributors receive on their journey of discovery. We tell our distributors what to accomplish, but not how to accomplish it.

For instance:

We tell new distributors to be positive, but we don't tell them the exact method to quickly reprogram their minds.

We tell new distributors to talk to their skeptical relatives and friends, but we don't tell them exactly which subconscious mind statements to use to approach their prospects.

We tell new distributors to be a leader, but we don't tell them the first ten key principles of practical leadership.

Our problem is that we are so excited about sponsoring the next new distributor that we forget our duty to develop and train our present distributors. It's human nature, but at least we can improve on our present efforts.

I make a conscious decision to invest time, money and energy in every new distributor. Even with that conscious decision, sometimes I forget.

And what's really important about all this? It's not what we teach and train, it is what our new distributors master. I keep a small checklist of basic leadership principles that my new distributors must master. Usually the new distributor only masters two or three principles at best. That just means I must keep investing time and energy until the job is done.

The key is:

It's not a checklist of what you teach . . . it's a checklist of what the new distributor masters.

This change of viewpoint is what makes effective leaders.

You can put off learning the skills to make real money in network marketing. In fact, you can delay the bigger bonus checks as long as you want. But when you finally decide that now is the time to make money from your efforts, here is where you will start to learn the skills you need.

Thanks A Milliion To My Good Friends and Mentors Tom 'Big Al' Schreider and Michael Dlouhy

To YOUR success!

Ingrid Camacho

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