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Friday, October 7, 2011

What a difference one phone call can make!

What a difference one phone call can make!

I can't believe how calm I was when we got the phone call from my husband D'Arcy's Cardiologist today, two months ago he had a defibulator and a pacemaker implanted to assist his heart. There had been plans to do further surgery but after the latest tests just two days ago the Dr is sure that D'Arcy would not make it through, his heart just couldn't handle it.

Two months ago I would have freaked and been a total mess at this news. With all the training, listening and reading other peoples lessons my Faith has become stonger than ever. Since I have been doing the Mental Cleanse and reading this chapter for the second time I am realizing how strong my Faith has become.
Not only the Faith I have that I am going in the right direction in building my business but in all things in my life.

When I heard the news this morning I realized I can do nothing to change this situation, I turned every thing over to the "Lord" and have Faith that he will be there for both of us. D'Arcy feels well, looks great and I cherish every day we have together. We have decided that life will go on, we will enjoy every day we have and live in the Now. What more can we ask for, we both have a strong Faith in God and that is all we need.

Thank you all for sharing your stories and life happenings, God Bless you All.

This was written by my good friend Dorothy Pagan. Dorothy is a real inspiration to me! When the going gets tough I just think of Dorothy, and all seems to be better!

Thank You Dorothy for being such a wonderful friend!

Ingrid Camacho

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