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Sunday, October 30, 2011


I want to start this lesson with these words.
What you are thinking about and picturing in your mind today,
is a clear indication of what you will be experiencing in the future.

I have had an image for many years that flashes up in my mind now and then.
I see myself standing on a stage and with certainty, enthusiasm, joy and love
I convey to people my knowledge of health, personal growth and success.
In my imagination my speech is perfect, I am comfortable in my role, and
seeing myself having fun when I convey my message to the crowd,
This is a big deal for me ... in my imagination.

Based on my experience, the faith and vision I have in myself,
I stop myself from believing that this would ever become a reality ....

What made me see my imagination above in a different way, was when I
visited my project leader last Wednesday.
He said this: To get ahead in your personal development, See yourself on stage and
all the threads you need, it's your choice what you want from the "buffet".
We are here to help you. That reminded me of the Mentoring For Free organisation,
the importance to have a Master Mind team to reach out to.

Ahaa ... I belive my mind got the picture now and I thought: A stage don't need to be
a stage I are accustomed to think of to stand on. The Stage is the place I'm standing on
right now and from there create and imagine the life I want.

Based on this knowledge I went to bed and sending out a question:
I want to spread my knowledge, I want to help people in my county and other countries .. show me how.

Then a amazing thing happened on Thursday morning. A lady from ST (Sundsvalls Newspaper)
calls me and asked if I wanted to be seen on the family pages in the newspaper
when I enter the 50th next week.

wow, what an opportunity, what a great stage I will have to stand on, what a great audience,
the whole county will read my story!
We agreed to meet at my place Friday at 10am, this lady and a photographer.

But gee, what story will I tell?! What will she ask? A photographer, I hate to have a camera
in my face..etc.etc...Help me someone!
I fired off a message to my mentor for advice, but got no response back ... ouch.

At this moment, when I was in all this what will I DO questions, I get a glimpse
of the invisible, quiet, withdrawn child from my subconscious past.
That little child who does not believe in being good enough, who is afraid of criticism, that little child
who thinks she is not worthy of love. I believe I had thousands of negative thoughts in that moment.

But it was only for a moment, a stronger force took over an remind me about what I have learned earlier
trough this process in 30 day mental cleanse, that my thoughts become reality if
I believe those thoughts is the truth.

So I switch my negative thougts about myself to more positive thoughts, I started to say
affirmations and paint pictures of myself as calm, expressive, objective and above all
to be courageous and risk being me. I took this thoughts in to my mind and created a
mental picture, keept them long enough so that my mental picture evoked an emotional response.
And I was back on the pat, my positive emotions started to fill my body and mind,
i get more and more confident, happy and enthusiastic about the interview.
The mental picture allowed me to be there in the interview, to experience it in my mind.

The difference between affirmation and imagery is that affirmations are conscious thoughts
I choose to think about. Imagery takes those thoughts and dwells upon them until
they generate emotion and belief. I have Keept this recipe in my mind,
that thoughts plus emotions creates conviction, and conviction creates reality.

It was a great interview, I let go and listening to this ladys questions and answered them with such calm,
I was relaxed, had fun, dared to stand out, had courage to be myself and without Agenda...
there is such power in affirmations and to be a stage manager.

I believe my story from the interview will end up in my blog.

Thank you Michael & Linda for creating a place for us to grow in.
I Love to read the lessons, thank you for sharing it fill my heart with gratitude and love to all of You!
Maria Bystrom
A Freind and Mentor With A Servant's Heart

PS I sent an other massage to my mentor before she answered me back and thanked here
for not returning with advice to me this time because it resulted in that I found
my own inner strength and the answer inside myself. Thank You Darlene Mills, I Love You !

I learn a lot from Maria. She has taught me how important it is to turn those negative thoughts into positive ones as soon as possible. Thank You Maria!

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