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Wednesday, October 26, 2011


“It has been said that man can create ANYTHING he can IMAGINE.”(Napoleon Hill)

According To Dictionary.com 'Imagination' is the faculty of forming mental images or concepts, of what is not physically present to the 5 senses or also to be able to solve unexpected or unusual problems.

I liked the way Hill puts it Imagination is a WORKSHOP for our minds where we can take our own Personal Impulse of DESIRE and begin to give it shape & form by applying ACTION.

It amazes me when I think of all the many technological advances that have come to our world in just the last 100 years, brought to us through the Imagination of men & women. We began the 20th Century with the creation of automobiles , airplanes & radios (to name a few) & we ended the 20th Century with spaceships, computers, cell phones,& the internet which we take for granted. And yet I think it is so very ironic with all the modern conveniences that IMAGINATION has brought into our world so many folks I come in contact with today seem like they are just going through the motions in their lives---just going to work, coming home having dinner, watching TV,,,etc,,etc & Never really experiencing Life in the Fulness that it was meant to be experienced. Instead of being encouraged by all the Technology & examples Like Bill Gates & Steve Jobs who had an entrepreneurial drive that propelled them to fame & fortune most people seem to sit back numbed out by all that is going on satisfied just to exist.

Just as an example of this on Sunday we had several friends & relatives over for dinner & we ended up discussing various topics when in passing conversation I asked if I could read them a story. I read the story of 'The Kettle' to the group. I had asked them if any of them had ever read 'Think & grow Rich' & a couple folks said they had, though years ago. I told them this was a story from the Chapter on 'Imagination' & about the Invention of Coke. When I neared the end of the story I asked the group if anyone knew the 'secret ingredient' that the young clerk added to the Kettle that brought world wide fame & riches to many. A couple people answered 'bio carbonide' & another person said molasses...It just amazed me that NO ONE got the correct answer! However when I reflect back on my own life I was basically in the 'same boat' of just going through life until the accident I was in on the job really 'Got my attention.' I think for years & years my 'Workshop' was empty decaying through lack of use & low self- esteem. In January 2006 as I was recovering from my work accident (a shattered heel) I began to Dream & Imagine Again,,,,,I tried many, many affiliate programs, money making deals, etc,,etc,, in an attempt to make my dreams a reality before finding this amazing Community at Mentoring For Free & The Mental Cleanse this past May.

Today as I participate in this community daily, I find the Limitations of my Imagination & Dreams being lifted, I feel like an Eagle getting ready to soar as my Happiness & confidence grows. I know beyond a shadow of a doubt I was called to be here. For the past 5 years or so it has seemed like the old TV show 'Run For Your Life' for me as I was always frantically running after this or that 'deal' or 'opportunity' Trying to make money & find fulfillment before I was too old...Now in the last 2 months especially I awake with a peace & assurance that I am on the right path to Abundance & freedom BECAUSE finally I have been able to slow down & enjoy the scenery in the process. Instead of running FOR my life I Now Run TO my Life (but more like a Distance runner who paces himself)...I am Running TO the Life I always imagined was possible years ago, but had abandoned for so long.
These days I feel like the Life I am Imagining for myself is coming true.
“I Dream My Painting, Then I Paint My Dream” (Van Gogh)

Thank you so Much Michael, Linda & This whole Community For the Blessing you have Become To Me

Matt Geib

This brilliant lesson plan was written by my good friend and fellow mentor Matt Geib.

Ingrid Camacho

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