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Saturday, June 12, 2010


Your're going to have to take responsibility at some point. Go ahead, get out in front of the situation, and grab that responsibility as soon as you can.
Realize that even though it's not your fault, it it impacts your world it is your responsibility. Responsibility means doing what you can, with all you have,to bring about a positive outcome.

It's easy to slosh around endlessly in a swamp full of excuses. But after all that sloshing, as impressive as it may be, you'll still be mired in a swamp.
Instead, climb out, step up and seize the opportunity to make a difference. Now is when your actions can bring real value to your world.
Stand up, take responsibility, and you'll stand out from the crowd. Step forward, get to work, and transform challange into achievement.

By truly taking responsibility, you immediately begin to improve whatever situation your're in. By following through with that responsibility, you truly become master of your own destiny.

---Ralph Marston

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