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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Embarrassed About Working From Home?

Are you embarrassed for people to know that you work from home? Do you tell your friends and family about what you do for a living (or what you do part time)? When someone asks you what you do do you avoid telling them the truth? If so you might be hurting yourself and your paycheck in your home based business.

If you’re embarrassed about working from home there is really no reason to be. Network marketing is a totally legal, ethical and legitimate way to make money. It’s a real business and it’s nothing to be ashamed of. I have come across a lot of different types of people through the years and I have found that the people who are embarrassed or ashamed of their home based business goals are the ones who don’t tend to make very much money or the ones who drop out and quit before ever truly realizing your success.

I guess it could be considered normal for someone to be a little ashamed of working from home. After all the public opinion of network marketing isn’t exactly great. A lot of people still wrongfully view home based businesses as scams or schemes instead of what they actually all, legitimate businesses.
However, if you are going to be a part of a home based business you need to get over that and fast! Otherwise you might not ever have the kind of success that you want to have.

A prospect can pick up on someone who isn’t confident in what they’re talking about and nobody wants to be in business with someone who isn’t sure of themselves.
Many people feel like they want to hide their business from their friends and family until they start making a lot of money and then they’ll shout it from the rooftops but that’s not a good thing to do either. Your friends and family will probably just want to support you and who knows perhaps some of them will even go into business WITH you! So keeping it a secret isn’t a good idea.

Don’t be ashamed or embarrassed by working from home. It’s a smart and savvy thing to do in these economic times and it’s defiantly nothing to be embarrassed about!

I really enjoyed reading this article written by Christian Gingras

Working from home has been a great joy to be. I totally love being able to choose the hours I work and be in charge of my schedule. I also let friends and family know about my products. Some of them haven't wanted to join me, but will gladly purchase products from me.


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