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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Pay Dirt! Get And Keep your people

People figure they have a great company, great products, excellent marketing
plan, good skills, proven track record, and on and on … so success in this business
should be like rolling off a log.

And then they get crushed UNDER the log!
Some facets of this business are so obvious, you may take them for granted …
and never actually DO them.

For instance.

We talked earlier about a huge, all-encompassing, powerful “WHY” that will keep
you going in your business, no matter what you come up against.

But you need ANOTHER huge, all-encompassing, powerful “WHY”.
THIS “WHY” is the reason your prospects should choose YOU over all
their other 650 home business options. Your job is to make an impression
on them that they will NEVER forget!

I don’t know your business. I don’t know what advantage YOU offer that puts
you head and shoulders above your competition.
I only know that if you can’t offer that kind of advantage,


You got NO chance.

So to help give you some ideas, I’ll tell you the advantage we offer our
prospects that elevates us above all the competition:

“I’ll provide a lead generation system that brings ONLY the most qualified
people into your group. Then I’ll train them FREE, 5 nights a week,
to build relationships and become Top Sponsors who will build YOU a
lifetime residual income!”
… or the short version:
“I will personally help you get, mentor, and keep your people – for
FREE, 5 nights a week!”

You are certainly welcome to become part of our group and use OUR advantage.
But in any event, you MUST be able to put YOUR focused advantage into a few
words to create a lasting impression and elevate you above all your competition.

“So What?”

There’s a very well-known Direct Marketing guy (See? I DO know some of
them!) who once told me that after he writes an ad, he reads every sentence to
himself and asks,

“So What?”

If he doesn’t have a good answer, that sentence is GONE!

“So What?” is a good benchmark for YOU to use as you build your business. Everything
you plan to do … every sentence you write … ask yourself, “So what?”

In other words …

Am I on-target?

Have I gotten hypnotized by a side-issue and gone off in some time-wasting direction?

Is this piece critical to the final picture?

Does this make sense? Can other people follow it?

“So what?” will help you execute.

You’ll learn to be surgical in focusing on what’s important.
You’ll get rid of much of the clutter in your life.
It will help you define your competitive advantage.

I strongly recommend it.

This is excerpt from Michael Dlouhys boook Success in 10 Steps.

Click here to read the rest of Success in 10 Steps

Your friend,

Ingrid Camacho 702-898-8771

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