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Friday, May 29, 2009


Here are some headlines that you might want to use as an attention getter.

Here’s another gem from Tom “Big Al” Schrieter

Your simple sentences can also be a "headline" for your ad. I plan on using one of these sentences in my signature file also.

One good headline could make your business explode. But,you will have to create that special headline for your business.

Here are some headlines to help you start your creative process:

* How To Make Your Boss Cry In Three Easy Steps.

* Don't Make This $10,000 Mistake Tomorrow Morning.

* How To Make Every Day A Saturday.

* I Wish I'd Thought Of That!

* Does Your Boss Laugh Every Time You Ask For A Raise?

* My Parents Kicked Me Out Of The House - I Was Making
Too Much Money.

* If You Don't Think Your Future Is Worth $300, Then
I Don't Either.

* Stop Allowing Your Job To Steal Your Life.

* When Is Your Next Pay Raise? How About Tomorrow?

* The Three Words That Your Boss Fears.

Notice how these headlines create "curiosity" instantly?

Curiosity is powerful. Curiosity makes prospects lean forward, begging for a presentation. Marketing and advertising doesn't seem to be that hard after all.

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