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Friday, May 15, 2009


I recently had a call from a man who was complaining about the fact that he could not sponsor anyone into his business. I called him back and we talked for a while. I noticed that all he did was whine and moan about how bad his life really was, and his voice was quiet and shallow. As the call progressed, my energy level seemed to be getting lower and lower, and I finally had to hang up and call it a day. No wonder this person wasn't attracting anyone to his business or himself for that matter because if I would have been a prospect....I would have hung up on him right away after hearing the tone in his voice.

The next day I called a young lady and she said that her sales were booming! I asked her how she had done it, and she could hardly contain the excitement in her voice as she proceeded to tell me her marketing strategy. This gal kept on talking and talking expaining all her new ideas in detail to me. We talked for almost a whole hour. When I finally got off the phone.....I was so energized, I quickly got on the phone and dialed some new clients that I had been meaning to visit with for

Now ask yourself this question.....Which one are you?? Pesismist or Optimist?? Do people want to talk to you or do they run every time they see you heading down toward them?

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James Berryman said...

It just proves that if you are doing something that you enjoy and you are positive and show excitement about then you will see the results in what you're doing. If you are negative then you will get result.