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Friday, October 24, 2008


When selecting a MLM marketing company, you need to have the following five pillars to make a good decision. Please, please ,do your research and make sure the company your are thinking about joining has these.

1. Company Management with Experience and Integrity.
Do a google search of the CEO of that company and make sure they have actually built a network marketing company before.If they don't have any experience building a MLM marketing company, then how in the world are they supposed to teach you?
Here is how you know if the company has integrity.
Read the companies Policies & Procedures.
- If the policies are more than 5 pages long, this could be a red flag. Start reading your policies and procedures from the last page.
- Does the P&P have a yearly renewal clause.
- Does the Company charge you for training or a Company Website?
Red Flag words to look for - Terminate, Ongoing, Recruiting, and Retail Sales.


2.Timing in the Industry and Company
Company must be at least two years old. 99% of companies fail during the first two years of operation. After the two years, companies usually have the kinks worked out by then.

3.Remarkable Product
Must have a product that people will use without a compensation plan attached to it.Are the products affordable? You should be able to sell them at retail price. Now, if you can only sell your products by giving a discount then that should be a concern to watch out for.

4.Compensation Plan
You must have a pay plan that rewards the part-time builder. 96% of your team will be part-time people, and if they do not recieve any compensation then they will usually quit. You need a compensation plan that pays the most with the least amount of people in your downline. Please remember this...if the recruiting stopped, would your paycheck stop too?

5. A Proven Duplicatable System
You must have a proven duplicatable system where the part-time person can make money too. People don't duplicate, but systems do.Let me ask you this quick question? Is buying leads duplicatable? I met a lady the other day, and she was in tears because her upline could afford leads, but she wasn't able too. That is not, duplicatable! Please do your research!

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