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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

The Man Who Thought Himself Into An Early Grave

Our brain is like a radio station that broadcasts and receives thoughts that we place there. No matter what thought we put in our mind good, or bad, the brain sends it out to the universe. Take for instance the story of a Dr. John W. Dr. john W. was a skilled heart surgeon who had a patient by the name of Bob R. At the pre-opp consultation Dr. John W. went down the list of everything that was going to happen and assured Bob that his procedure was going to be very routine and he had nothing to worry about. However, Bob had some deep fears and doubts. He told Dr. W. that he was sure he was going to die. Dr. W. insisted that the procedure was simple and routine and everything was going to be just fine because all Bob's lab work came back as normal. Upon returning home Bob could not shake his fears of certain death. The day of operation came and Bob was prepped for his surgery. Dr. W. once again reassured Bob that everything was going to be just fine and he would wake up in the recovery room. Still, Bob was certain he was going to die. The procedure began and everything was going just fine. An hour went by then suddenly something went wrong. Dr. W. and his team did everything they could to correct the situation, but unfortunately they lost Bob. Dr. W. could not understand what went wrong. He had done this procedure hundreds of times, and never lost anyone. Dr. W. walked around the operating table trying to understand what happened. When he came to the other side of the table, Dr. W. noticed there was a note in the pocket of Bob's hospital gown. The note was addressed to Dr. W. The note said, "See I told you Dr. W. I was going to die". We need to be careful what we put into our brain because the universe is listening.

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