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Saturday, September 11, 2010

Prelaunch! Ground Floor Opportunity!

Some people seem to be forever joining the next ground floor opportunity. And the next and the next and the next - alluvasudden, somebody who made some money sometime a long time ago - this one is so good, they came out of retirement for it!

The Blue personality type is especially susceptible to this. (I know - I'm a Blue!) You're looking for excitement, and what could be more exciting than something new? So you just jump, jump, jump, and you're never in one place long enough to ever build anything.

Unless you own the Fountain of Youth, you're going to get older, just like the rest of us. The worst words to hear in network marketing are: "ground floor opportunity". Over 90% of the companies that get started, don't make it 2 years. And most of the rest are gone after 5 years.

Your chances aren't much worse playing the lottery.

It's important to choose a company that has proven it will be around long-term. Pre-launch deals don't qualify. Only a very small percentage of them will last even 2 years.

Your benchmark should be at least 2 years. It takes that long to knock the cobwebs out of it. It takes 2 years to get their ducks in a row, to get their campaigns together, to get everything approved in different countries, to get warehouses built, and all that stuff.

They've already survived a lot of the normal growing pains. They have much better long-term prospects than any "pre-launch". Make them prove themselves by being around 2 years before you commit your time & money to that business.

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