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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Network Marketing Online - A Few Tips

First of all, you've got to have a direct splash page for your #1, #2 and #3 selling MLM products. And please don't put a business opportunity attached to the splash page. You will literally drive people away from you.

People love to buy a product, but they don't want to be sold. They absolutely don't want to be sold. Make sure you have company-approved testimonial pages, so network marketing distributors don't have to make their own.

The Big Problem

The network marketing company doesn't offer these single product pages to distributors, so now the distributors on their own go out and create this stuff.

They see in the Policies & Procedures that reps are 100% responsible for what they do in building their business. OK. Great.

So the company doesn't STOP you from putting ads out there that this product cures cancer, grows your arm back, grows your hair back and all that stuff. They let reps make these wild claims. Why? Because the product sales are pouring in.

Some guy reads that ad and says, "My gosh! I'm bald. I want to grow my hair back, I better buy the product." Or somebody is dying of cancer, and you advertise your "cure." They say, "I better go get some." So they do.
And then what's amazing is, someone writes the testimonial that it grew their finger back. Then the next guy writes, "Well, it grew my hand back." You have to top that, so the next one says, "It grew my entire arm back - and my leg."
So they do a one-up on each other. The sales are pouring in. Meanwhile, the distributor's neck is on the line, because the company can chop it off it anytime - like as soon as the Federal Government says "Whoa! Hey, you guys are making product claims!"
Now, the company has to show the government that they have been going back and terminating distributors who make these unbelievable claims. Meanwhile, product sales in the company are skyrocketing.

The Company Is Making Tons of Money
So much money. They have to go build another bigger building, so they can be bigger than the next one on the block.

They have to have that. And then the 3rd thing these companies do is, they charge people for their back office. It does not cost them $39 a month for that website. It doesn't cost them FIVE bucks! But they charge the distributors $39 for their whole back office to look at your business center and your genealogy and to organize and so forth.

Companies like that are making $100,000 minimum a month off the distributor's backs. It's another profit center, just charging reps for the stuff.

But the company needs to create the pages, so the distributor won't do it. The company knows better than to put wild claims in there. If they do it, then THEIR neck is on the line. That way, the company is liable, rather than the individual rep.

The only reason to spend your time and your blood, sweat, and tears to build this business is to have it sustain you over your lifetime. Anything that puts you at risk should be eliminated from your gameplan. So be sure YOU aren't the one making wild claims.


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