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Monday, August 17, 2009

Prospects are like a box of chocolates

My Mentor, Tom "Big Al" Schreiter, has traveled the world
promoting his MLM business. He's discovered what prospects
consider most important in deciding on a company.

Rate these items Yourself, from 1 to 10, most important to
least important.

I strongly encourage You to REALLY do this exercise. It will
take maybe 5 minutes. Then I'll give You the REAL answers
from prospects around the world.

And if You discover THEIR thinking is radically different
from YOUR thinking....well, that could explain a lot!

One more thing: #1 in this poll won by a LANDSLIDE. It
wasn't even close. So it should be real easy for YOU to get
#1 right.


OK. Let's do it!

Get Your pen. Here's the list:

- Company literature shown.
- Marketing plan and potential earnings.
- Training provided.
- Who gave the presentation.
- Product line.
- Company management experience.
- Up-line support.
- Company Image.
- Sales Kit provided.
- Being first in Your area.

Now just list those down from 1-10, most important to least
important, from the prospect's point of view.

Do it now.

The key question is, "Are You thinking like a prospect?"


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