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Monday, August 31, 2009


If YOU were your prospect, what would YOU want?

I know what I’d want.

1. When you talked with me, I’d want you to LISTEN first and foremost,
to find out what I really want. I’d need to feel you and I were simpatico.

This is where you must kick butt. Start your relationship-building immediately.
TELL me what you’re doing and WHY you’re doing it, and let me know that part
of your system is to help me build those key relationships.

I want to believe you consider MY success crucial to your life.

Michael Jordan was the greatest basketball player ever. A big part of that was,
he just plain WANTED to win more than the other guys.

You ever watch Jordan the last few minutes of a close game – ANY close
game? He CHANGED!! He’d psyche himself into a zone where he could
virtually do no wrong. He had total disdain for whomever he was playing.

He didn’t just want to beat them. He wanted to EMBARRASS them!

He’d focus on his skills and become a human winning machine.

YOU need the same focus when you talk to your prospect. The ONLY thing that
matters is what your prospect thinks, wants, wishes for, desires and needs.
If I’m your prospect, YOUR entire universe better revolve around me when we
talk. What YOU want doesn’t even exist, as far as I’m concerned. And it shouldn’t
exist for you, either … not when you’re talking to me.

THEN you and I will have an identical viewpoint!

2. I would want you to make a very clear, short, compelling case –
based on what I’ve told you – as to why YOUR opportunity is better for
me than all the competition.

I’d expect you to be able to answer every marketing question I have.

Don’t tap dance around what you don’t know. Know your company resources
well enough to get me to the exact right source (hotlines, web pages, brochures,
etc.) to answer any questions you can’t answer.

3. I would want a simple marketing system that’s inviting, informative,
non-threatening, educational, & fun.

The more complex it is, the less chance I’ll be able to execute. You are in a cutthroat
contest for my time and attention. One of your key weapons in this battle
is simplicity. Making the complex clear is hard work. Few people do it well.

If you can give me all the information I need, clear & organized so I can make a
quick choice, your chances skyrocket.

Plus – it helps YOU work smarter

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Your friend,

Ingrid Camacho

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