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Monday, July 6, 2009


People haven’t changed even the least little bit.

They still want love. They want passion in their personal lives and their professional lives. They want self-satisfaction & health, security & achievement, freedom & trust, fun & financial independence.

People have wanted these same things for a thousand years, and they’ll still want them a thousand years from now.

The mistakes I see people make in this business astonish me … the wrong directions they take and the worthless busywork they do.

If you want happiness and fortune & fulfillment in your life, if you want a lifetime of luck, you need to create relationships with people. To do that, you need to study people and understand them. If you will only do that, the opportunities you’ll be presented with are endless.

And yet I see so many who want those things … but they study the mold
scraped from under the rock by the monk in the white lab coat at midnight on the 7th night after the full moon.

Hey! You definitely need a remarkable product in this business.

But your product is NOT the magic.

The magic is YOU.
Since I have taken this advice to heart, and started forming relationships with people ,I have made friendships that will last a lifetime. MLM really is about people....not products or companies.
I have built relationships with people who are in other companies, as well as people in my own company, and I can tell you that it is fun to just be friends, and not worry about what company a person is with. I cherish the friendships that I have built.

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