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Thursday, June 18, 2009


In order to evaluate a company using the 5 pillars for success,
I like to compare the 5 pillars to baking an apple pie, because it’s a good word picture most people can understand it. Most people have either baked an apple pie or seen someone bake one or at least enjoyed eating a delicious apple pie. Baking an apple pie is easy, all you need is five key ingrediants....1 a pie plate, 2) a pie crust, 3) some apples,4) sugar and spices to make it taste good, 5) butter or lard so it won’t burn or stick in the oven. Right? Ok.... so let say you and I are talking and laughing and we leave out the sugar and spice. How will our pie turn out? You say , “it won’t turn out right”. Well, a 5 pillars company works the same way, if you are missing any one of the 5 pillars, then you won’t be able to enjoy the success you deserve.” To learn more about this excellent training, and find out what the 5 pillars are please get your free copy of Success in 10 Step at http://ingridcamacho.com/

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Ingrid Camacho

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