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Thursday, April 2, 2009


This week I had a minor setback thinking about the fear of poverty once again. My husband took me shoe shopping at the local shoe store,and as he was paying for the shoes, I said "well I have my one pair of shoes for this year", and my husband kindly reminded me that we are not living in fear of poverty anymore. He said"No Ingrid, this year you will have at least 20 pairs of shoes in your closet". He said
fear of poverty is a state of mind, and reminded me once again that we no longer live in that state of mind.

For many years I have lived with the fear of poverty in my mind. I would think of only owning one good pair of sneekers, and that is exactly what has happend for the last 17 years. Every Oct. I go shoe shopping and get one pair of shoes,and that pair has to last a whole year. I let my fears into my mind, and the very thing that I feared came true. I did not understand what was happening until I read Hills book Think and Grow Rich. Some other fears that I had were...homelessness, no electricity, running out of food before pay day,my husband loosing his job, my kids getting sick. All these fears came true bacause I put them into my mind and spoke them into existance.

Today, I have learned to think about what I put into my mind, and to watch what I say. The day I went shoe shopping was the day I didn't say my self talk. From now on I will say my self talk each and every day. The self talk really matters.

Ingrid Camacho

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