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Sunday, April 26, 2009


Well here we go again, baby boomers are still dominating the economy. When they were babies, Gerber Baby Food did well. As they grew, blue jeans and Ford mustangs sold like hot cakes. Then of course, they got married and needed homes and so the real estate market boomed.

Let's fast-forward. What do these 78 million baby boomers want and need today? Did you know that every 8 seconds a baby boomer turns 60? They don't want to grow old; they want to stay young, feel good, and have enough money to be able to retire without worries. This is creating a huge growth in health and wellness, youth, energy and fitness trends.

But on top of these huge baby boomer driven trends, everybody knows that the economy, job losses, home foreclosures, etc. are causing more and more people to realize that jobs are no longer secure. So millions of people who never would have even considered this before, are looking into a Plan B - having a business of their own - and creating their Own economy to survive these changing times. The latest figure is 155,000 people a week are starting a home based business. Wow that's a ton of people!! Must be the thing to do!

All these trends are coming together, at the very same time, creating an opportunity unlike anything we've ever experienced in history!

If you position yourself in front of these large and expanding trends, you could see staggering results!

So, you turn on your computer and start researching . . .

But there's a ton of opportunities begging for your attention on the Internet Ask yourself this 1. How can I recognize a legitimate business and avoid being scammed? 2. Do I need to have multiples streams of income or join an affiliate program. 3. Would it be best if I just focused my attention on one business. 4. The next thing on my mind is how am I going to get paid? Some compensation plans can be complicated, confusing to understand, the policies and procedures are so long and written in legalese. 5. I will want to look for something that will be around to pay my grandchildren. 6. Will there be training and support when I need it, or will I be left with empty promises. 7 How will I know how to effectively evaluate a company, and get truthful answers I am seeking?

If you are looking for help sifting through the tons of opportunities on the internet....we at Mentoring For Free are here to help you get the answers you are seeking. Please feel free to download your free copy of Success in 10 Steps and start researching today....You will save yourself years of failure and frustration!

I did it...and you can too!

Your friend in home based business,

Ingrid Camacho


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