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Friday, March 13, 2009


Thanks for dropping by.... I appriciate your friendship! I have the same people spamming me over and over. I am here to make new friends and help others....not to join anyones program. I have my own network marketing company and I am doing well with it. I am 42 years old and will be retired by the time I am 44....not bad for a crazy gal like me. My motto is help enough people get what they want and I will get what I want....and yes it does take time! Network marketing is about relationships and it takes time to build them. People want to know you care....they do not care about your product or company. I have the same people spamming me everyday! Do they even know what my interests are...or where I like to shop? The answer to this is NO...they are to interested in themselves and trying to pitch me their deal!

Thanks for listening to me vent.... now....Make it a great day...your time is your most valueable asset....use is wisely!

Ingrid Camacho


James Berryman said...

Makes you wonder what they're thinking. I get pretty much the same thing and it gets a little trying. They just don't get it.

Denise Lee said...

Amen, I like your blog, going to add it to my favorites so that I can come back.