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Thursday, February 12, 2009


SUCKER.SUCKER..SUCKER..IS THIS YOU? LOOK HERE TO FIND OUT. Hello Ingrid here again..I am so sick and tired of hearing the stories about good folks being taken adavantage of and scammed!

Who do you know that has been taken for all their worth and more? Racked up thousands of dollars in credit card debt??
How many stories have you read about: The Successful Marketer Lost all his or her income because he or she missed something in their Policies and Procedures.

These are sad things that have happened to so many and their livelihoods were destroyed! People sometimes know their in a shady business and then continue to promote it because they have already invested so much money and time into that company. It is very sad and heart breaking!

Don't be the next Sucker!! READ YOUR POLICIES and PROCEDURES. If the wording takes a lawyer to decipher-- GET OUT NOW!!
Know the compensation plan: How many people does it take to make 5,000a month.
Know the business your in. Remember that 5,000 dollars isn't profit until it is in excess of your expenses. If your time and money is making someone else Filthy rich while your raking in peanuts..... GET OUT NOW!!
If you need to contact all your friends and family...."so they can give the company all their hard earned money" and there is no successful way to to duplicate your home based business online, at home...... GET OUT NOW!!!!
I hear the horror stories..... there really are evil people that don't care what happens to you and your family. STOP GIVING THEM YOUR MONEY!!!

To get more information please, please download this important rescource which talks about what works and what doesn't work. Please don't be the next person scammed. I will help you for free.

Your friend,
Ingrid Camacho 702-953-6086

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